Happy New Year!

Not much to say today, but I don’t want too many days to go by between posts so just a quickie tonight.

Let me start by apologizing for my last post (ie. rant). I apparently overreacted to a post elsewhere regarding wines which had seemingly “changed” between a critic’s first and second tasting. I gather this is not the most common phenomena, but it is possibly a byproduct of young wine producers heeding a critics critique & intentionally altering their product. I do stand by my strong feelings on the matter & further DO NOT believe that ANYONE, consumer & producer alike, should allow a critic too much influence. But I suppose that sales is the bottom line and if the critic knows what people like and can help the producers to understand what that is, then maybe it is not such a terrible thing…most of us after all do need to earn a living.

Tomorrow night is New Years. Will you be drinking bubbly?

I recently picked up a couple of bottles of Yarden blanc de blancs 2000. A very well regarded vintage sparkling wine. So well regarded that it unexpectedly appeared on a list of random sparkling wines on justwinepoints.com and was given a very respectable 92 points, while The Wall Street Journal called it a wonderful international sparkling wine. I know, I know, I just got through chastising those who let points/critics dictate their wine enjoyment, but nobody is perfect , right?!?

Happy New Year!!! Hope it is a year filled with enjoying wines that YOU LIKE…regardless of what others say about said wine.


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