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I’m sorry if I haven’t had too many deep & insightful wine related posts lately. I guess if I needed an excuse I can say that I am consumed with business planning and THE NEW YORK GIANTS!!! But since I don’t need any excuses, I’ll just get to today’s deal…

It is a 2003 Diamond Creek Gravelly Meadow Cabernet Sauvignon. The site claims the regular price is $199 bottle. Yeah, that is no typo. Not $19, but $199 as in $200. Well, some research has shown that it can be bought for between $140-$200.

The deal of the day has the retailer selling it for ONLY (for those richie riches of you out there) $89.82. Again, not a cheap bottle, and not one I have tried. But if you are looking for a special bottle to put away for 10 years and open up on a special occasion, this could be the wine for you…

Which gives me a thought for a post – “Wine storage”. I bring this up as you should only buy this bottle to be put away for 5, 10 or more years IF you have the right storage for the wine. Yes, you can keep it in a dark & cool place, but the best place is a wine fridge specially made to moderate the temp (around 56 degrees Fahrenheit) with the proper level of humidity.



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