The 6 wine consumer segments

A very interesting piece I found via Wine and Spirits Daily, written by Megan Haverkorn. 

The stat I found most interesting is that almost 1/4 of wine consumers feel overwhelmed by all the wine options out there.  While I agree that there are A LOT of options, shouldn’t the wine professionals be doing a better job of making wine & wine purchasing more approachable, fun and easy????

I don’t have much to add to the interesting report, so without further ado…



Despite growing wine consumption in the U.S., consumers are reportedly still overwhelmed by wine and/or unwilling to branch out, according to Constellation’s “Home & Habits” study, the second phase of the company’s “Project Genome” study.  With the use of Nielsen scan data and online interviews, “Home & Habits” found new insights into the six consumer segments: Enthusiasts, Image Seekers, Savvy Shoppers, Traditionalists, Satisfied Sippers and Overwhelmed.  Constellation encourages the wine industry to pay more attention to the “overwhelmed” and “traditionalist” categories especially to ultimately increase their consumption and prompt them to try new brands and varietals. 


OVERWHELMED.  23% of consumers fall in this category.  Basically, they enjoy drinking wine but are overwhelmed by the huge selection on store shelves.  They’d like to receive more help and information when shopping in the wine section at retail stores.


IMAGE SEEKERS.  Consumers that view wine as a status symbol make up about 20% of all wine purchasers.  They are generally still in the learning stages, and prefer merlot above all other varietals.  The internet is their main source of learning about wine.  As you can imagine, men and millennials make up the bulk of this category.


TRADITIONALISTS.  About 16% of consumers enjoy wines from established wineries, are not as open to trying new brands, and believe wine is most appropriately used during a formal occasion. 


SAVVY SHOPPERS.  15% of consumers are “savvy shoppers,” which means they enjoy discovering new wines and varietals on their own.  They’re keen on specials, coupons and discounts.  They are also more likely to buy a glass of the house wine when dining out to save a few bucks.


SATISFIED SIPPERS.  These consumers (14%) do not know a lot about wine and are just fine drinking what they are familiar with.  They tend to buy the same domestic brand and drink wine almost everyday.  This consumer segment is also more likely to buy a large 1.5L bottle to save themselves a trip to the store.  Wine pairings?  Forget about it.


ENTHUSIASTS.  12% of consumers consider themselves knowledgeable about wine and enjoy entertaining at home.  They tend to be in the middle to upper class and like browsing wine aisles and reading wine publications.

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