Drinking wine from…a PLASTIC wine “glass”…

One of the places I went out to over the weekend was a rooftop bar.  It is outdoors, gets pretty hectic, and they DO have more than just red & white wine.  OK, it was only Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc for white OR Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir for Red, but hey, that is an improvement over much of the typical “sure we have wine, what would you like, red or white?”.

But what i thought was most weird about the night was WHAT they were serving the wine in.  No, it wasn’t bad stemware…it was PLASTIC stemware!

plastic cup

OK, I understand how an outdoor  rooftop might warrant plastic stemware, but when this “bar” was serving no-name wines at $11 per glass….I mean cup…a few people I was with wondered out loud.  We thought that one of the justifications for charging so much $$ for drinks was the breakage or pilferage.  These hard plastic cups can not break, and who is going to want to pilfer one?

Again, given the circumstances, not a BIG SIN, but a bit tacky, don’t you think…???

Happy NICE STEMWARE wine tasting!


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