Secrets of a successful wine bar

Those of you who know me or who have been reading the blog for any period of time know of my infatuation with wine bars.  Since returning to NYC from Napa, at the advice of several amazing wine industry mentors, I have been frequenting NYC’s wine bars.  All part of my journey, a journey I hope never ends, to train my wine palate.

Wine evaluation

A quick post tonight in anticipation of a visit to yet another wine bar tomorrow night. The wine bar I will be going to tomorrow night is very well regarded.  It has received positive press, and has had positive things written by patrons online.  I look forward to checking this relatively new place out, hopefully enjoying a glass or two of wine, and passing my own judgment.

As to the title of this post, “secrets of a successful wine bar” – I was speaking with a restaurant consultant today.  The topic of wine bars came up and he let me know that he believes there are 3 essential factors for opening a successful restaurant (or wine bar as the case may be).

1 – Have a good concept (yet I wonder how to determine if one’s concept is “good”).

2 – Hire a good staff – people who will get along with each other as well as the customers.

3 – Spend money on targeted advertising – make sure you know your target customer.

You know what…I completely agree.  Sure it is much easier said than done, but if one has a solid concept, say a wine bar featuring wine and cuisine from a unique region, an attentive and charming staff, and knows how to let the target customers know that such an establishment exists, why shouldn’t it be a roaring success???…

Happy Wine Tasting!