Wine & Temperature

I have written about these wine storage and serving issues before, but I figured I’d re-print this short article written by a favorite wine writer of mine – Laurie Daniel.

Wine temrature

IN YOUR CAR: Put it in a cooler or other insulated container. You never seem to be able to find a shady parking space when you need it, and that seems to be especially true when you’re visiting winery tasting rooms.

IN YOUR HOUSE: Keep wine in the coolest place possible. Unless you have temperature-controlled storage, your best bet is the floor of an interior, downstairs closet. Ever seen those wine racks built into a kitchen cabinet near the stove? That’s about the worst place you can store wine.

ON YOUR TABLE: Finally, be sure to serve wine at the proper temperature. For white wines, it’s not a bad idea to have a bucket of ice handy. Even red wines will often benefit from brief chilling. When red wine is served too warm, the tannins and alcohol become even more obvious.

– Laurie Daniel

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