Chambers Street wines follow up

Ahhh, what a day. Made my way to Yankee Stadium this afternoon during what is the final season at the original Yankee stadium for a game against the Anaheim Angels who have in recent years dominated the Yankees. The Angels won the first two games of the 4 game series and the Yankees won yesterday. So today the Yankees needed a win to salvage a split of the 4 game series. Things started off poorly as the Angels jumped out to a 5-0 lead. Seemed like the beginning of another long afternoon at the stadium. But a solo HR by the newest Yankee; “Pudge” Rodriguez followed by some timely hitting by another recent Yankee acquisition, Xavier Nady and the stadium was rocking as the Yankees managed 8 runs over three innings to take an 8-5 lead. Two outs into the top of the 8th inning and things seemed great as Yankee reliever Edwar Ramirez was cruising. But in the blink of an eye the Angels loaded the bases and New Angel Mark Texiera hit a grand slam – Angels lead 9-8. On this day however Xavier Nady was not done and a 3-run homer plus some other clutch hitting and the Yankees scored 6 in the bottom of the 8th to retake the lead, 14-9, that would prove to ultimately be the final score.

Yankee wine

Following a great baseball game I went to the gym for a quickie workout and then went shopping to pick up some stuff for dinner. Quinoa with mushrooms. A salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, hearts of palm & yellow corn. And for the main, a pistachio crusted tilapia. I dropped the food off at my apartment and took full advantage of the low humidity day by squeezing in a fabulous bike ride in Central park. For those of you counting I managed 2 1/2 loops around the park or about 15 miles.

But this is not a “life of WTG” blog. This blog is all about the wine. And the wine I opened with dinner tonight was a wine I purchased at Chambers Street Wines this past Friday.

The visit to CSW was a very nice one. I had the opportunity to speak with several staff members and they were all quite cordial. The store was rocking as there seemed to be a ton of internet orders being filled by the staff. I asked for an extra discount so that I could write to all of you about all the fabulous wines I was to buy & try but I was told that the 20% discount the sale has provided has cut into their already slim margins and any further discount would prevent them from making a profit. Not sure that I buy that, but a 20% discount ain’t something to scoff at. SO, after speaking with about 5 different workers I picked up 6 bottles. I went with 2 bottles of Gigondas, 2 bottles of Burgundy, a bottle of Chablis and the wine I opened tonight, the 2005 Georg Breuer “Charm” Riesling from Rheingau, Germany.

The bottle says that “Breuer’s devotion to environmentally-sensitive, low-yield viticulture on steep, well-drained vineyard sites is expressed in this elegant, tender Rhengau Riesling”. I’m not sure that I would use the words elegant or tender, but this may have been (I don’t remember) one of the organic selections – they mark wines as organic with a green dot which can indicate organic vineyards, viticulture, etc…

My note on the wine would read something like this;

“The ’05 “Charm” Riesling is a clear lite yellow/straw colored wine with some gold inflections. Well chilled this wine provides aromas of flint, stone and a crisp minerality. The first sip opens with a floral burst and what seems like a hint of sweetness. As the wine both warms up a bit and opens up, it reveals floral aromas, mixing together with the minerally & flinty characteristics. Its sweet floral notes almost reminding of blue cotton candy. Together with fresh fish the wine’s sweetness seemed to have waned and it shows a lovely crisp acidity that cleanses the palate between bites.  This wine has a modest 12% alcohol and is recommended”

OK, maybe a bit much for a tasting note, but it was a very nice wine. Normal retail price was $16.99, but with the 20% discount the wine came out to about $14 (including tax) – just about what I like to spend on most of my summertime whites.

As to the other 5 wines I bought on Friday. I must admit that although I am addicted to buying wine, I am also a great saver, and I have no immediate plans to open any of the other bottles. If & when I do I will try and report back. Sadly, it may be too late to take advantage of the sale. But if you live in the area I encourage you to make a visit to the store. And if you are considering a internet order, pick up the phone and ask the friendly salespeople for some help. And remember, tell them the Wine Tasting Guy sent you! 😉

Have a wonderful week and Happy Wine Tasting!


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