Golan day, tanks, and NYC kosher crush

Spent the day in and around the Golan Heights today.  It is really spectacular there.  Just across the border from Syria.  It is wild how you can see Syria as you drive many of the high altitude roads of the Golan Heights.  That same high altitude by the way is one of the factors that contributes to its being a prime grape growing region.  Militarily, it is also a strategic location.  And there are military bases everywhere.  Just a tad different from my stomping grounds in NYC…

following tank

Visiting wineries up in The Golan Heights getting caught behind TANKS that are being transported.   Pretty wild…

On a COMPLETELY UNRELATED topic, my good friends at the city winery will be having a KOSHER CRUSH on Sunday.  Any kosher (or even non-kosher-keeping) consumer is encouraged to go down to the hot Tribeca spot to check the crush out.  Watching grapes go through the first step in the process to becoming wine is an essential for all wine lovers.

kosher crush

Have a great weekend & Happy wine tasting!


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