Wine, art & music

Why do art and music always seem to go hand in hand?  This question was posed to me by a musician at an event I attended last week.  The musician is a harp player, and he was playing with a jazz musician at the art exhibition.  I thought the question was a good one.  And my response was an obvious one, but I wonder if there is more to it?

wine art

I responded that art, music and wine are all cultural STUFF.  Things that can be pondered.  Things we wonder about, are curious about, and want to learn about.

And what I find most interesting is that these are all things people either like or don’t like and can’t be wrong about – at least their preference.  You can love or hate a wine, a picture, or a song.  And nobody can tell you otherwise.  They can have the exact opposite feeling about that wine, art or music.  But they would be right also.  We are all individuals and have personal likes and dislikes.

What do you think about the link between art, music & wine?

Happy culturally enhanced wine tasting!


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