Couple of wine shout-outs

First I’d like to congratulate my WINE group buddy, organizer & fearless leader Jeremy.   Wine snob extraordinaire, Jeremy is also an author – and a PUBLISHED one at that.

All Jokes aside Jeremy is a brilliant writer and I am thrilled to help him announce the release of his new book.  I haven’t received my signed copy yet, but you can go ahead, check it out and even BUY a copy here

Second shout out is to a group of 40 bloggers who got together and formed a wine related April fools site called “Dregs Report”.  Sure I was deeply hurt by not being asked to contribute, but they probably knew how busy I’ve been, what with Passover and all.  I took a quick peak at the site and it looks pretty funny.

Happy wine related (and otherwise political) reading & TASTING!


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