Toast of the Town 2009

I attended this event last year and had lots to say about it.

These events are truly special and unique opportunities for people with any level of wine interest to come out, try more wine than is humanly possible in one evening (remember to spit people), nibble on some tasty, freshly prepared food, speak with producers and enjoy a lavish food & wine Shmorg.

America’s premier wine & restaurant tasting” is coming up this Monday, June 15th at the David H. Koch Theater (Formerly the New York State Theater) At Lincoln Center on Broadway at 64th St in NYC.  There will once again be over 500 wines and food from over 20 NYC restaurants.

I am looking forward to seeing how (if at all) this event is relative to last years event.  I enjoyed the event last year and had little critique.  You may remember that I would have liked the tasting booklet to contain more space for notes as well as provide some sort of price guide (MSRP?).  I wonder if those changes/additions were considered.

Either way I expect to attend and hope to report back as soon as possible.  If you are going get in touch & we can try to meet up – though if this event is anywhere near as busy as last years that may be a challenging feat.

Happy Wine Enthusiast Toasting the Town!



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