1 month boxed wine

I was talking to a gentleman at a retail wine shop in the city last night and he asked me about decanting.  I told him that I generally only like to decant a real young wine.  That is,  unless I know I’ll be pouring the whole bottle at once (to a crowd – not drink it all from one large glass) – in which case it may make sense to decant.  In general, I like to follow the wine as it opens in the glass – and decanting sorta prevents that.

Speaking of following a wine as it opens,  I have had the pleasure of following the Andes Peak Chard for a MONTH.  It is pretty unheard of but I am here today to tell you ladies and gentlemen that this wine is STILL ALIVE…


The Color has gotten deeper, the flavors a bit nuttier, but bottom line, this low budget wine STILL passes ALL the tests.

Don’t know what else to say on the topic that hasn’t been covered the past few weeks.  Hey, I’m a believer!!!

Happy oxygen free wine tasting!!!



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