DeLoach “Barrel to Barrel” continued…

Yea ask, and yea shall receive!

I wondered in my previous post how one would insert the 10 liter eco-bag into the barrel.  And sure enough a fine chap from Deloach emailed me a link with a video.  The “how does it work” comes up at about 2:52.

Though the video is obviously self promoting (and not unbiased information), it is promoting a revolutionary product.  It is a terrific idea that I am sure will be copied.  Kudos to Deloach, for their ingenuity & forward environmentally friendly thinking.

On a similar note I will be re-tasting the Andes Peak bag in a box tomorrow, over 4 weeks since originally opening it up.  I’m looking forward…

Happy alternatively and environmentally friendly packaged wine tasting!!


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