Liquid cocaine in wine bottles

Yes, this is CRAZY, but this is not a laughing matter folks.  I just read this scary piece at about liquid cocaine being detected (thankfully) in bottles of Bolivian wine.

OK , so the picture is a bit humorous, but drugs are dangerous and illegal, and tainting wine (yes, even Bolivian wine) with cocaine is truly frightening.  I applaud those who made this discovery.  Decanter reported that “earlier this year a London cab driver died after drinking the drug from a rum bottle “.  For all the frustrations we experience here with liquids not being allowed on airplanes, I guess those making the rules know what they are doing.  From explosive devices to illegal substances, criminals are using liquids to hide things and I am proud that the good guys seem to have won this round.

Coming tomorrow, more on alternate containers for wine.

Happy untainted wine tasting!



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