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NYT Soave piece with great side message

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

I’m running late for a German Reisling tasting event down in Tribeca but I just read an article in the NY Times Dining Out Section, the Wines of the Times column by Eric Asimov titled “Soave Challenges its easy image“.

While the article has opened my mind to Soave whereas I previously have thought of Soave as Asimov puts it as a “crisp, cold, characterless quaffing wine”, that is not what struck me most about the piece. I was excited to have a close friend, Fred Plotkin involved in the tasting, and it was Fred’s lack of excitement as opposed to Asimov’s enthusiasm that hit home with me.

Says Asimov “These sorts of disagreements are an important reminder of how subjective the perception of wine can be”.

A small point made that carries SO MUCH WEIGHT. People need to feel more comfortable with the idea that it is OK to like a wine that somebody else dislikes. Even if that somebody esle is a so-called “expert”.

Happy INDIVIDUALISTIC wine tasting!!!