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The FREE Murcia wine tasting event

Friday, June 6th, 2008

What a difference a little marketing & the word FREE can do.

I attended the Murcia region of Spain’s wine education event at Astor Center 2 days ago, followed by an intimate lunch at 81, a restaurant on 81st St in Manhattan yesterday. The events were set up by the same gentleman who set up the tasting I attended for Rioja wines (also at the Astor Center) about a month ago. The Murcia event, like the Rioja event, was free of charge, but the Murcia event seemed to have been advertised to the general public as opposed to the Rioja event which was more of an industry only event. Well, the marketing & cost (FREE) led this event to be PACKED full of…well, lets say packed full of people who like free wine!

packed like animals


NYC residents – YOU ARE INVITED!

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Hey NYC wine lovers. I met a great guy at the Rioja tasting I wrote about two weeks ago. He organizes wine events in NYC and has asked me to extend an invitation to YOU to an upcoming event. Here are the details. I expect to be there one of the days so if you plan on attending and would like to say hi drop me a note and we’ll try to coordinate a meet & greet. Hope you are able to attend…

Be sure to join us at Astor Center again on Tuesday and Wednesday June 3 & 4, 4pm – 8.30pm for more tastings in the Study, 70 wines from Murcia to sample in the Gallery and tapas. Invite your friends, put it on your blog if you would be so kind, we welcome all wine lovers to join us. Here’s the info –

Free Tapas Party and Wine Tastings from Murcia, Spain (more…)