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A night of firsts & lasts at Yankee Stadium

Monday, September 15th, 2008

This post is just barely wine related, but I’ll squeeze in some quick wine references.  You see, tonight was a night of many firsts and at least one last.

My night began at an event at the Israeli Consul General residence.  The Consul general hosted an event for a new organization called Toda (Hebrew for “Thanks”).  The goals of Toda as I understand them are to encourage Israeli geared charitable organizations to collaborate with one another.  My role at this event was to talk about the Israeli wines at the event for those who were curious and in general to play Wine Tasting Guy.  It was a very nice event, I met the Consul General for the first time, and I even left with a small bottle of wine I was determined to sneak into Yankee Stadium.

I left the Consul General’s residence on the Upper EAST Side and took the 4 train up to the Stadium.  My first time in Yankee Stadium was about 25 years ago and for the last 12 years I have been going to about 20 games a year with my good buddy Mike.  Tonight was the FIRST time I ever took the 4 train from the Upper East Side to Yankee Stadium.

Coming from the event I was dressed in a suit.  I was already late and there was no time to change.  So I went to the game in my suit.  First time I EVER wore a suit to Yankee Stadium.


I arrived at the Stadium a little late following the Toda event but I was SUCCESFUL in sneaking in my bottle of wine.  I wonder the last time someone drank a bottle of wine in Yankee Stadium…let along an Israeli wine.  Tonight was my first time getting (or trying for that matter) a bottle of wine into Yankee Stadium.

The game went well.  The Yankees won.  Xavier Nady hit a home run (he did the last time I blogged about a Yankee game as well).  Joba pitched the 8th & Mariano pitched the 9th.  There are now officially only 6 games left to be played at Yankee Stadium.  And for the Wine Tasting Guy…all indications are that it was my last time in the house that Ruth built.  I was very sentimental when I left.  I actually did NOT want to leave.  I stuck around for about a half an hour after the game.  After all these years of going to games I usually have a routine whereby I watch the last pitch and dash out the gate.  And I’m home within half an hour.  Tonight I was amongst the last to leave and I did not get home until about an hour and a half after the game ended.

Tonight was my LAST time in the ORIGINAL Yankee Stadium.

Happy sentimental wine tasting!