Wine Industry Professionals

It is after 3AM and I have not slept much since getting to Israel 5 days ago. I do not want too many days to go by without blogging, so while thinking about what to write tonight I thought about the people I have been meeting with on my trip – mostly Israeli winemakers. Now Israelis can be tough people, but for the most part I LOVE the people I have met who work in the trade here. The same can be said about those what worked in the trade while I was working in Napa. Generalizations are just that, general statements that are never 100% true, but for the most part the people that choose to get into the Wine Industry seem to be people who generally love wine and get into the business so that they can love what they do. Which leads to happier, warmer and overall more likable people.

What of the WINE SNOBS or KNOW IT ALLS??? – they are out there. I have visited and been to many wine bars where I was so turned off by the people that worked there that I vowed never to go back again. And truth be told there are wineries and winemakers in both California and Israel whom I met and did not like one bit.  Sure that is life, not everybody gets along, but it has been my experience that people who share a common bond (such as wine) have an easier time hitting it off.

Sorry for the barely wine related post. Just what was on my half asleep mind at the moment.

Happy Monday and L’Chaim from ISRAEL!!!



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