Glass of RED or WHITE??

A quick post from L.A…

I met up with some friends last night in between all the family time and we went to a bar on Sunset Blvd.  I had asked the crew about a possible wine bar, but apparently there are not (yet) many wine bars in L.A.

Anyway, at the bar I noticed a girl ordered a glass of red wine.  I asked her if she cared what she was getting.  It could be Cabernet, Merlot…who knows…could even be a cheap blend of red plonk.  Did not seem to bother her.

Can it be that a city like LA, with its “culture”, proximity to wine country, etc., can still be so far behind other major metropolitan areas in its growing wine appreciation (or apparent lack thereof)???

Granted this bar was somewhat of a “jeans & t-shirt” kind of place.  But still – it was shocking to me.  But maybe she, or the place, was an exception.  For just a year ago I was in town for a wedding at a place across the street on Sunset that seemed to have a very fine wine list with discerning customers…

Know what kind of wine you like, order with pride, and trust YOUR palate!

Happy wine-ing…


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