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I used whatever time I had this (late) evening to peruse some wine blogs and other wine related write ups but sadly came away with nothing of special interest to write about. I considered writing about the wonderful wine tasting I led last night for a group of about thirty 20 & 30 somethings, but the truth is the event was a fund raiser and the guests were more interested in mingling & DRINKING the wine, than hearing some dude talk about wine. There were several guests who did engage me in wine conversation, but in the end the “informal talk” I was going to give became very informal small talk with select guests.

That said, I feel compelled to write about something, so how about a quick plug for wine and its corresponding health benefits.

A recent study published in the February 2008 issue of Journal of Food Biochemistry that I read about in Wine Spectator online “diabetes patients may benefit from wine” discussed how red wine (and tea) “may help may help type 2 diabetes patients metabolize sugars and starches properly”. Researcher Kalidas Shetty, a professor of food biotechnology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a U.S. State Department Jefferson Science Fellow says that “Red wine and tea contain natural [phenolic] antioxidants that may slow the passage of glucose through the small intestine and eventually into the bloodstream and prevent (the) spike (in blood sugar or glucose)”.

It talked about how patients with these and other conditions are forced to take medications (with side effects) to regulate their issues. But they are studying consumption of wine and tea to see if dietary management can offer a solution without the uncomfortable side effects.

An interesting read that I encourage you to check out.

That is all for tonight. Happy TO YOUR HEALTH wine tasting!


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