Drink Red Wine and Live Better (but not longer)

This according to the website of the medical journal Cell Metabolism (as per Wine Spectator online).

Yet another article about resveratrol and its benefits. This one seems to contradict others that suggested that resveratrol extends life expectancy. Here the “researchers said the compound helps keep the bones, eyes, kidneys, heart and other muscles in mice healthier as they age, though without increasing the animals’ overall lifespan”.

wine health - 2 glasses of wine

The study compared the effects of resveratrol to those of another life enhancing therapy – caloric restriction (CR), a process where one’s diet is reduced by 30 to 40 percent fewer calories. Based on several studies performed on mice, researchers found multiple similarities in their effects.

A nice piece. Check it out. And keep drinking red wine – to your health!

Happy AND HEALTHY wine tasting!


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