Shipping wine to New York

As a resident of NY it came as a surprise to me when I learned last week that the 2nd US Circuit court of Appeals UPHELD the law (what law?) that prohibits out of state wine retailers from shipping wine into NY.

Please disregard all previous mentions of wine shipments I received through the mail.  They never occurred…

…but seriously; the law states that NY retailers CAN ship to NY residents, but out of state retailers can not.

There is a background to this story and several rulings by others courts that have proceeded this ruling.  Most famous is that of the “Granholm” decision handed down by the Supreme Court whereby it was ruled that laws such as the aforementioned one discriminates against out of state businesses.  The difference being that ruling was with regards to wineries, not wine retailers.

I am sure the last chapter in this saga has yet to be written.  Stay tuned…

Happy shipped to your doorstep (legally of course) wine tasting!



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