Wine in NY Supermarkets

It’s baaaaack….

Thanks to Megan of Wine & Spirits Daily for bringing this BACK to my attention. As reported…

NY DEMOCRATS RE-INTRODUCE WINE BILL.  Democrats in New York state have re-introduced legislation that would allow wine sales in grocery stores.  Recall that a similar bill was dropped from the state budget in the spring.  The bill would also allow store owners to receive licenses quicker; allow liquor stores to have ATMs and sell snacks and non-carbonated drinks; extend hours of operation for liquor stores (8am-3am); and make ID checks more stringent. The bills are in committee in the Senate and Assembly.  The state is expected to be called into special session later this year to address its budget deficit, and could review legislation such as this at that time.

A similar bill was not passed a few months back.  I’m not sure what changed, but it seems to be back on the table.  I touched on my thoughts about this in the past & still feel pretty much the same about it.  It might hurt some retailers, and that sucks, but what it will also do is bring about more competition and force retailers to work harder for their customers – which is a good thing.  My biggest concern is the buying power these larger supermarkets will have.  I’ll follow this as closely as possible and we’ll discuss it in greater detail IF it becomes more relevant.

Happy wine purchased at your local retailer wine tasting!



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