Bad breaks – good times ahead!

I’m not quite sure if I have ever posted an “other” post, but I think that is the category that best suits the following…

Couple of bad breaks to share.

First break:

The break from blogging that I am about to take.

Some might think this a good thing but to those of you out there who appreciate my ramblings, I apologize.  I will continue to blog, but for at least the next 8-12 weeks it will likely be much less frequent.

I’m moving, after 11 years in my existing place, into a new apartment.  It is sure to be a tedious move, but it is an exciting one as I’ll be moving into the apartment I am to ultimately share with my fiance’.

Second break:

Yup, broke another stem yesterday.  It was a Reidel and I wasn’t too pleased.  Not a big deal, just kinda sucked.  And I figure this is a wine blog, so sorta relevant.

Third break:

ER cast

ER cast

Nope I’m not trying to do shadow animals, I broke my wrist.  “Navicular Fracture”.  Took a good fall while riding my bike.  The bone I broke apparently “heals slowly”.  Ummm did I mention I was moving this week…???  DAMN!

I find out more after seeing a hand specialist in a couple of days, but needless to say typing SUCKS and with all going on there will have to be less blogging.

But rest assured that I am optimistic of the GOOD things that lay ahead.  And I recognize that my broken wrist doesn’t mean the wine world will cease to exist.  The blogging will not end, but it may happen more like once a week (to the delight of some of my friends who have complained that I blog too frequently – how do you think they feel about twitter?).

I’ll blog more after my appointment with the hand specialist, and I’ll write a bit about the NY State winery whose wines I recently tried.  I’ll give you a hint…they are (to the best of my knowledge) the only commercially made NY KOSHER table wine – and it is pretty darn good stuff.

Happy wHining!



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