good/bad sales tactic

A quick post. I just looked at an offer I got for a reserve Shiraz from Australia. They advertise the shiraz as “extremely limited – 1 bottle per person”. Now the bottle commands an “extremely limited” price, so I ain’t buyin’ (sadly), but I was curious to see if it was in fact only 1 bottle per person or if they were using that to try to get people to buy more.

What I discovered was interesting. The site DOES allow you to buy more than 1. Giving the online retailer the benefit of the doubt let’s say they have not yet figured out how to limit purchases on selected items to 1 per customer. What was interesting was that the site shows you “quantity remaining”, and that very low number DID go down as I ordered mine. Maybe this is in fact a very limited wine…

So in the spirit of giving people (online retailers) the benefit of the doubt, lets say this was NOT a tactic at all, just another offer from a typically well priced retailer…


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