Drinking wine can improve your sex life

For those of you waiting to hear my thoughts on the big Israeli wine tasting I apologize for the delay and will do my best to have something posted before the weekend.  The event was GREAT, and while I did not end up taking thorough tasting notes I did speak with a lot of the producers and attendees, I attended both sessions and have since spoken with people and have received a bunch of feedback.  I will report my findings ASAP.

BUT IN THE MEANTIME, lets get back to improving your sex life.  E.D. is a serious issue, but hey, laughter is the best medicine.


Seriously though, Wine Spectator recently posted that “researchers in Western Australia have found, after analyzing a survey of men, that erectile dysfunction is not linked to one’s drinking habits”.

I’m not a doctor (although I play one online) nor am I a scientist, but some of the assumptions made in this study seem a little far fetched.  Such as  “…since moderate alcohol consumption is linked to better cardiovascular health… it may also aid the function of vascular organs, such as the penis”.

Posting this simply for the humor aspect, but if you do suffer from this serious issue please do read the complete summary of the study and consult your physician.

Happy…uhhh…….and healthy wine tasting!


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