box wine part IV

It has now been about 3 weeks since I first opened up the Andes Peak Chardonnay.

These wine in box work REALLY WELL!

Taking a look at the picture you can see that these airtight bags inside the box really do keep air out.  When pouring wine from a bottle, air replaces the space in the bottle vacated by the wine.  But just like vacuum packed foods, here, when the wine leaves, there is no air entering and the wine maintains its freshness.

I know it is not as romantic as popping the cork and pouring a glass bottle.  But hey, if it is the juice inside you are after & you have yet to try a boxed wine, I strongly encourage you to check one out.

THREE weeks after opening the Andes Peak Chardonnay it is alive and well.  Just like last week’s tasting it is missing a bit of the freshness it initially had, but I detect NO oxidation and found the wine to be quite pleasant.  Not bad huh?!

Happy 3 week old boxed wine tasting!



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