Wine making: technical aspects – Do You Care?

There are several thing that led to my career shift into the wine industry. But the bottom line is I really love EVERYTHING about it. The vineyards, the harvests, the hard work, the winemaking, the aging, all the technical aspects, etc…

BUT, that is me. I have been told by friends that if/when they hear someone ask me a wine related question they run for the hills. Because wine (and wine making) is SO INVOLVED I tend to stumble into long winded responses that can put people to sleep.

That said, I was recently asked by a friend at an Israeli winery to help them out with an English version of their “technical spec sheet” – something they have been told by their importer is very important in the marketing of their wines. While I was thrilled to help out, I wondered, DOES THE AVERAGE WINE CONSUMER REALLY CARE ABOUT STUFF LIKE “ph”, “TA”, BRIX AT HARVEST, etc…?????????

More on this topic in future blog posts, but I welcome any thoughts…

Happy ’08!


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