Wine Bar – do wine glasses (AKA stemware) matter?

I went to a wine bar last night and there were a few things that disturbed me about this place.  The first, which I don’t want to get too deeply into is how they handled a “taste”.  Before purchasing a bottle I like to taste what I am considering buying.  While this is (sadly) not possible at retail outlets this IS usually something granted at wine bars – at least when the location has an open bottle of the stuff.  Well the place I was at last night keeps all their wines in Cruvenee or Enomatic mechanisms – devices that store & serve the wine and keep open bottles fresh.  As such, they have an open bottle of everything on the menu.  Great right?  Problem is that they insisted on charging me the “tasting fee” to try the wine that I intended to purchase.  Bad business.

But what I really want to discuss about this wine bar was their choice of glass.  They use small, thick wine glasses with their logo on the side.

I realize that as I have immersed myself in this industry I have become quite particular.   Part of this “snobbery” or “high expectation” comes as a result of time spent in Napa (and surrounding California wine country) where they do it… “right” (I use quotes as I know this is a relative term).   All wine is served in nice big thin glasses – of all qualities – but at least they try.  And yes, many do have their logo on the glasses used.  Something I think is OK at wineries but tacky in a wine bar.
So, my question to you is – is this particularity or dare I say “snobbery” something that is unique to me?  Do you think that more CASUAL wine drinkers would notice things such as quality of stemware??  (or as the case may be non-breakable glasses and how while they are good for the dishwasher they are NOT good for wine tasting?????)

I welcome your thoughts as always…



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