BONDING over a shared love of wine

I have long been a fan of “male bonding”. B.S.-ing with my buddies.  Yet I often laugh that men don’t regularly engage in deep heartfelt conversation. The bonding is usually over women, sports, or some other common interest. Yet bonding of this sort only lasts SO long (in my experience). Real bonding requires a great shared history &/or a common passion, one as intricate and complex as wine.

I have formed many friendships/bonds over wine the past few years. People I have met in Israel, Napa or NYC. The bond created by wine is very real and once formed, a bond that can be rekindled at any moment.

I bring this up today as I have had two great “wine bond episodes” this week. The first was a person I was randomly put in touch with as a fellow wine lover. After an email introduction I met this person at the Bordeaux tasting this week and had a “partner in crime” at the tasting. As seriously as I take tastings and as much as I don’t mind them alone, isn’t everything in life more fun when you can share it with someone who shares your passion?!

On a less upbeat note I also bring this up given an experience from earlier today. There was a recent tragedy involving a couple that has been described as amazing/special/brilliant/warm etc. The couple were killed in a horrific weather related tragedy. They are survived by four kids, of whom I know 3. As is custom (and since I think highly of the kids) I went to pay a (shiva) visit. But what does one say to young adults who one week before Passover suddenly lost both parents? I never met the parents and as such had no stories to share about them. All I wanted to do was hug my friends and let them know that I am there for them. Yet how should one handle the inevitable silence? In comes WINE. I was engaged by one of the mourning kids in conversation about wine. And while the details of the conversation are irrelevant, it provided a nice distraction. Same thing when I went to go see another of the kids. He brought up an article I recently wrote, and made the visit about that as opposed to the obvious tragedy. I had my opportunity to show that I feel for them, to share a hug, and thankfully talk about wine. And while my heart still breaks for all involved, the experience was made a little less unpleasant thanks to wine.

Go open a bottle of wine with a loved one and BOND!


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