Polaner Selections Spring Portfolio tasting

For the second year in a row I was fortunate to be able to attend the Polaner Selections Spring portfolio tasting.  This event has hundreds of wineries from countries all over the world, each one with at least one and at times as many as ten or more wines.  There were some great wines at this event as well as some amazing winemakers who come to the event to meet the people serving/selling their wines.

BUT, the event is simply too big & hectic.  I met a winemaker there whom I had met at a previous tasting.  The tasting he attends is a very small & varietally specific tasting.  The smaller tastings afford guests the opportunity to really taste through ALL the wines and speak with the respective winemakers.  The larger tastings, such as this one, while full of fabulous wines, are simply overwhelming.

I apologize to those of you looking forward to this post.  I’ll be leaving town within the hour and do not want to take my tasting notes with me.  I’ll post my standouts from the tasting in greater detail when I return in two weeks.  In the meantime I will post throughout my trip on other wine related STUFF.

Happy Passover, Easter or whatever you may be celebrating ( I hope you are celebrating something)!!


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