European Wine prices going up – another good reason to drink Israeli wine

OK, so who really needs an excuse to drink good Israeli wine anyway 😉

But seriously, with prices for wine increasing worldwide, now is a great opportunity to try some Israeli wines you may not have previously considered.  I bring up the “surge” in European wines as a result of reading an article in the NY Post.  The article quotes buyers who have called the price increases “insane” and talk about the “magnitude” of European wine prices.

Other factors leading to higher prices throughout the industry are the drought in Australia and the illegal worker act in California.  All these factors are leading to higher costs that are now being passed along to the consumer.

Back to Israeli wines for a second, these too have slowly risen in price of late.  But aside from a few standouts many of the best Israeli wines found in the US today have remained at a steady price point.  Also, keep your eyes out for new wines from Israel being brought into the US over the next several months.

Sorry to be the barer of rough news, but their is always a silver lining.  Discovering that new “hot” region before it gains public recognition and its prices subsequently increase –  means trying lots of new wines, and who doesn’t enjoy that?!

Happy new wine region tasting!


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