Wine & BBQ

I have been bad about posting lately but I have a great excuse. On Monday night I went out with my some members of my wine group and had an amazing meal at a new restaurant that does not yet have a beer/wine license so we were able to bring all our own wine – no corkage! (6 bottles between 4 of us – yes, I had one too many.) Tuesday night I had the privilege of seeing Pearl Jam in concert with my sister – who got FLOOR SEATS! (Close enough to see that 1 of Eddie Veder’s 3 wine bottles was a Simi Cabernet Sauvignon.) And tonight I volunteered for an organization that through the use of solar technology is helping to power schools in Africa. Really amazing stuff.

So tonights event was a BBQ on a very amazing roofdeck in Manhattan. Quite a treat. Having recently met the woman behind this organization and being the Wine tasting Guy I was lucky enough to be asked to help out. And once again, I’m lucky to have good friends. Some friends in the wine distribution business donated wine for the event and other friends volunteered to help man the BBQ’s.


The event went off with barely a hitch. Everyone had a blast, the event raised enough money to fund the African solar panel project (and then some) and I met all kinds of amazing people.

So I hope YOU loyal readers understand and forgive my inconsistent posts. It is all for a good cause.

Happy benefit wine tasting!!!


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