Labor Day weekend – with wine

It has been a few days since my last post.  And I found out on a fellow bloggers site that I missed “Blog Day”.  Sorry.  My excuse – I  was away for the long holiday weekend …AT SUMMER CAMP!  It was a singles weekend at a summer camp in North Eastern Pennsylvania.  I was initially hired to lead a wine tasting for the singles, but that fell through.  I was disappointed as I have very fond memories of my days in summer camp and was looking forward to an adult weekend away at camp.  Sure enough I ended up connecting with the camp owners who brought me up to camp for the weekend as a volunteer.  YIPPEEEEE!

camp pic

I ended up having a BLAST!  Name a camp activity and I did it (or led it).  Basketball, swimming, tetherball (how’s that for a blast from the past?), kayaking, canoeing, rope climbing, camp fires, biking, fishing…I even played late night board games in the canteen.  WOOHOOO!

I know what you are thinking, “WTG, this is a wine blog, tell us about the wine”.  Well, thankfully my expectations for the wine they would be serving were low (it was donated), so I went ahead and brought my own wine.  I was not permitted to hold any formal wine tastings but I did make LOTS of friends as many of my fellow campers were not interested in the “semi sweet” red wine that was provided, (hey, I brought some nice DRY Israeli reds and I’m not above being used for my wine).

Of course there was no actual stemware and no “wine tasting” activity, but I was able to talk through (and taste through) some of the wines I had brought with me during the meals.  And as is often the case, while there were some people simply looking for a quick buzz, most were genuinely interested.    It was a great weekend  and I am one HAPPY (wine tasting) camper.

Happy summer camp wine tasting!


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