NYC has a what??? … a WINERY????$%^&

Although I was late, I did make it to the event at the City Winery this evening.  It was a well attended event and it was great to see some friends and familiar faces there.

Forgetting for a second about tonight’s amazing speaker,  what i really want to discuss is, what’s the deal with the CITY WINERY anyway???

city winery

Does an über URBAN locale such as NYC really need a winery? And forgetting for a second about “need” (who needs half the stuff we have here in this great city of ours), do city folk really even WANT a winery?

I must admit that I do not know the answer to this question.  And I suppose only time will tell.  I think it goes without saying that wine has become HOT around the world, in major metropolitan areas, and in NYC in particular.  And when discussing my career in wine just about everyone I talk to comments about how romantic working in wine and making wine must be (it really isn’t – but that is not to say I don’t love it).  But when it comes down to it, how many people really want to make such a large financial commitment to having their own wine barrel/label/etc.?

For those of you who may be considering this let me unequivocally say…DO IT!!!  The place is state of the art.  The winemaker is top notch.  The staff are bright, young & committed individuals.  You are assured a top quality final product.  And it will be yours.  Whether you end up doing it every year for many years or just try it once – it will be a priceless experience.  The pride I have every time I drink a wine I played even a small role in making is tremendous.  It is something you will not forget for the rest of your life and an experience like no other.  If you are in a position financially to give it a shot, JUST DO IT!

Happy (your name on a bottle) wine making!