Wine in a can

I recently wrote about plastic wine bottles, but it seems that wine containers are being invented faster than you can pop a cork!

UK’s Timesonline reports that Rexam, one of the worlds largest can manufacturers sold 6 million cans to the wine industry in 2006 and that last year that number increased to 35 million.

Now that is a lot of cans…

The article pointed out a lot of reasons why cans actually do make more sense than bottles.  The single serve size would mean a lot less wine being poured down the drain.  Less (or eliminate) broken glass.  And apparently, aluminum is 100% recyclable (anyone know what percentage of glass is recyclable?).  Aluminum, like the plastic bottles discussed in this space a week ago, also weighs less than glass and as such have a lower carbon footprint.

Would you drink your wine from a can?

Happy aluminum can wine tasting!


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