The life of wine (Andes Peaks Chard at 6 weeks)

Most wine people, myself included, suggest drinking wine the day the bottle is opened.  Some wines can be enjoyed the next day, and others still can theoretically last, especially if refrigerated, for several days.  But eventually, and depending upon one’s tolerance for oxidation, the wine will become virtually undrinkable.


OK, so it is not THAT SIMPLE.  But modern technology, a little ingenuity and TADA…

What can I say?  I just re-tasted the wine that I initially popped the cork…..uhhh….snapped the spout on over SIX WEEKS AGO and the darned resilient thing just won’t die!  Not only is this wine still drinkable, it is showing some lovely Chardonnay characteristics.  Melon, honey & subtle citrus aromas; crisp, pleasant & easily drinkable.

Now I am not suggesting that the next time you whip out the fancy crystal for a special dinner party that you pair your meal with a boxed wine.  But if you like to have a glass or two a night, worry about finishing up bottles, appreciate a good deal & have room for a nicely packaged box of wine with a cool spout in your fridge; GO PICK UP SOME BOXED WINE TODAY.! There ain’t nothing wrong with it.  As a matter of fact, it might be one of the best wine buys you will ever make!

Happy alternatively packaged wine tasting!


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