Tonights Wine & Cheese tasting

Boy were some of the people at this wine tasting idiots…

GWBush toast

KIDDING!!!  No really I AM KIDDING.  I actually had a lot of people from tonight’s tasting (which had a very nice turnout) tell me that they will be visiting our blog for the first time.  So I thought I’d mess with them a bit.  You don’t think any of them will take it personally….do you?

Seriously though, there was a great turnout at tonights tasting event.  Many of the people were sincerely interested in learning more about wine tasting – not just looking to get sloshed.  And I really hope that some of the people will email me any wine related questions they may have.  We all know I do love talking about wine. 😉

While the turnout was great and the people were very receptive there were some things I was a bit disappointed by.  I know I am a pain in the ass (hold your comments people) but I was not particularly enamored by most of the wines presented.  A white that smelled very corked, but apparently wasn’t.  Only two reds – one a nice but non-descript Bordeaux and the other a rather weak attempt at Pinot Noir.

And the tasting was advertised with an opening line that stated “learn to taste wine like a pro & select the right bottle…”.  But sadly my co-speaker and I spoke for a total of about 5-6 minutes.  Do you really think anyone can learn to taste like a pro in 5-6 minutes?

OK, I know, I am nuts when it comes to talking about wine.  And yes, I could have spoken for hours (way too long).  And fine, maybe people just wanted to drink and socialize.  But I worry that people signed up expecting more and did not get what they paid for.

If you are one such person please let me know.   I’ll do whatever I can to truly teach you to taste & appreciate wine.

All that said this event was held to support a friend & very qualified individual running for city council & I understand that we were successful in that regard (we exceeded our goal for the night).  Remember NYC residents, Ari Hoffnung for NYC council 2009!!!

Happy WinE-ducation!


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