Wine after workout

I hope that all who celebrated had a nice Rosh Hashana holiday, filled with fabulous wine & great food.  I know I did!  So much food & wine that I was compelled to hit the gym last night after returning home from 48+ hours of overeating.  A good workout & I felt a whole lot better.

Now I must admit that I did not really crave a glass of wine after last nights workout but I often do like a glass of something with whatever I am eating following a workout.

Don’t tell my fellow blogger Kevin about this one  5Kcab

Having recently read a Wine Spectator Health Q & A question regarding drinking wine after a workout, I thought I’d share.  The answer to whether one can/should drink wine following a workout came from a registered dietitian, who advised against it stating “Drinking wine, which contains around 10 to 13 percent alcohol [yeah, more like 12-15%], can interfere with the refueling of your muscles by stopping your liver from sending out any glucose. Alcohol delays recovery from exercise.”

The whole answer, found via the link above wasn’t all negative.  And frankly for every “professional expert” against a behavior I feel like there is another for a behavior, but…

Just something I found interesting that I thought you might appreciate hearing about.

Happy muscle strengthening wine tasting!


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