Wine gadgets

Well US residents, we have a new president.  I must admit that I was not enthused by either of my options yesterday, but Obama won and I am cautiously optimistic that a change is comin’ and better times are ahead!

Back to wine, I received an email from a friend this morning.  She forwarded an article about a gadget that you freeze, and then attach to any wine bottle to chill the wine as it is poured.

ravi wine chiller

Seems kind of cool and I must admit that drinking wines that are too hot is never pleasant, but I gotta tell ya that I am a bit skeptical when it comes to wine gadgets.

There are others.  I have had friends rave about this wine aerator…


And there are other items such as the bottle chiller…

cooper chiller

And of course the handy dandy battery powered corkscrew…

battery corkscrew

I’m sure there are tens if not hundreds of other “useful” gadgets.   Being a relative youngster when it comes to my wine life I am far from a purist.  And as such these items don’t so much offend me…as they do make me think SCAM!  The wine chiller is probably a very useful item for quickly chilling a bottle of white.  Who knows how many times I have rushed a bottle of wine into the freezer hoping it would chill it more rapidly than could the fridge.

But as for the others, I will reserve judgement for now.   I’m content chilling my wine in the fridge, aerating my wine in the glass (with vigorous swirling) and opening my bottles with a good old waiters corkscrew.  But who knows.  Change is in the air and I like to think of myself as an open minded dude.  Maybe I’ll be taken by one of these wine gadgets and begin to sing its praises on this here blog…

Happy gadget wine tasting!


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