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Final post…(for now) – JUST TASTE DAMMIT!

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Hey Wine Tasting Guy fans…

What can I say, I have neglected you over the past few months.  I guess that is what happens when you are running the marketing (and PR) department(s) for a multi-million dollar food & wine importer/distributor (yes, gratuitously patting myself on the back).

But I digress…I want to leave you all with a final message.

As evidenced in the title, I am writing today to encourage you to JUST TASTE DAMMIT!

What do I mean…well, I believe people need to taste more wines.  Shortly after getting into the wine industry a well known winemaker shared the secret to a good palate with me.  She advised that I TASTE TASTE TASTE.  Like anything, to get good requires lots of practice – or just doing.

Whenever possible taste wine.  Go to wine bars, attend tastings, get together with friends and open several bottles, or just get together with a loved one and pop the cork on something special.

And most importantly…form your own opinions about wine.  Stop looking at scores, reading tasting notes, asking wine store clerks or choosing a bottle based on the label.

Sure wine critics are useful.  I learned a TON participating on a wine forum with a wine mentor (and good friend who recently passed away).

But all these critics know is what appeals to THEM…what wines THEY like…they have no idea if you will like the wine or not.

Try to find stores offering tastings or with Enomatic/Wine Station machines and taste the wine before you buy it…it is the best way to ensure you will love your wine!

Ohhh…one more thing – wine should be fun…remember not to take it TOO seriously! 😉

Happy Wine Tasting!