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Wine buying deals – huh??

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Well loyal readers, I have not forgotten about those of you who have asked for insight into good wine buys. I have received my requisite 5+ daily emails offering tremendous deals on fabulous wines…BLAH BLAH BLAH. I just looked into an email I got from one such online retail wine shop. They preface their present offer with details about how while people are spending $20+ on everyday bottles these days, they still search high and low for us, their loyal customers. And as such they are offering a supposed $18 bottle of Red Rhone wine for only $15 (plus shipping of course). Now $15 for a decent Rhone Red is not terrible, depending upon the quality of the wine. As we all know I would of course recommend tasting the wine before placing any large orders, but since that is impossible in VIRTUAL WORLD we have to take a leap of faith. DON’T LEAP HERE. Said wine turns up on a search in a few other locations, beginning at $13.99.

I write this little story just to let you know of the challenges one faces when trying to find a well priced bottle of wine. But I will persevere…and find you good wine deals I will!!!

Until then, happy drinking…