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Wine fridge – which is the best (technology)?

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Amazingly it has been almost 1 full year since my last post. That isn’t because I don’t have wine related thoughts/stories/opinions to share. I guess it is a bit like staying in shape. When its a regularly engrained part of the day it is easy to stick to. Once a person starts putting off the regular runs or gym visits (or in this case blog posts) it can be real tough to get back into the swing of things.

But today I want to write a short post about wine fridges. I currently own 4 of them. Occupational necessity I guess. The first one I bought was a simple 12 bottle unit. I don’t recommend this one for anyone other than beginners if for no other reason than you will outgrow it very quickly. Mine is sadly rotting away in storage somewhere.

The second one I bought is at my folks place in the suburbs. It is a 120 bottle compressor unit that has worked great since the day I got it…even if I did outgrow that one pretty quickly as well.

I have since gotten two new fridges and these are the ones I want to write about today. The first is a cool looking thermoelectric fridge. And the most recent one is the New Air 33 bottle compressor wine cooler.

I am writing about these two as they are the ones I have in my small NYC apartment and you may have noticed a difference to them I included when I named them. The cool looking one on the right cools the air inside through thermoelectric technology while the New Air model uses the standard refrigerator technology know as the old compressor.

I am not a technician nor do I play one on TV. But the fact is my thermoelectric one has broken down a few times and I’ve tried repairing it each time. The repair isn’t too tough for those who are adventurous, but sadly each time I repair it, it works for a few days/weeks/months and then breaks down again.

The compressor fridges on the other hand I’m sure break down as well. And the repair might not be as easy. But I’m happy to report that I have never been faced with the scenario as mine just keep ticking & working like a charm.

So Wine Tasting Guy here reporting that the New Air 33 bottle wine Cooler is a winner and if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive cooler to keep your wines (or at least about 35 of them) in the proper temperature this is a purchase that I think you will be pleased with.

As always HAPPY WINE TASTING…(& be on the lookout for my next new project to be released soon….)