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Friday, February 1st, 2008

Now we finally have a deal.  It is not cheap, but it is a bottle which elsewhere is being sold in the $60-$80 range, being sold here for UNDER $40.  I might even have to splurge outside of my normal price range to pick up a bottle or two…

It is a Montes “Folly” Syrah 2004, selling for $37.95.  Again, not a cheap bottle, but when you consider that this retailer is selling it for over $20 less than the next closest guy, it seems to be a worthwhile purchase.

Enjoy & happy weekend wine drinking!


good/bad sales tactic

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

A quick post. I just looked at an offer I got for a reserve Shiraz from Australia. They advertise the shiraz as “extremely limited – 1 bottle per person”. Now the bottle commands an “extremely limited” price, so I ain’t buyin’ (sadly), but I was curious to see if it was in fact only 1 bottle per person or if they were using that to try to get people to buy more.

What I discovered was interesting. The site DOES allow you to buy more than 1. Giving the online retailer the benefit of the doubt let’s say they have not yet figured out how to limit purchases on selected items to 1 per customer. What was interesting was that the site shows you “quantity remaining”, and that very low number DID go down as I ordered mine. Maybe this is in fact a very limited wine…

So in the spirit of giving people (online retailers) the benefit of the doubt, lets say this was NOT a tactic at all, just another offer from a typically well priced retailer…



Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Lo & Behold, I am compelled to eat my words. Granted you may not be STEALING these wines from the retailers, but searches revealed higher prices being charged elsewhere. As to whether they are good wines or not, sadly, I have not tasted them and as such can not vouch for their quality. The first wine however (according to the retailers website) scored a 91 from Robert Parkers; The Wine Advocate.

Deal # 1 – 2006 Kofererhof Muller Thurgau. (maybe not a wine you think of in the dead of winter, but…) “sale” price $14.99. Listed elsewhere for as little as $16 or as much as $28.

Deal # 2 – 2005 Bibi Graetz Casamatta – For sale for $9.49, made from 100% Sangiovese grapes. A nice spicy varietal, great for winter time stews. And at under $10, when others are advertising said wine for between $10 (best price) to as much as $20 for the bottle, probably a wine i would take a shot on.

Now again, I’d prefer to try these wines at my local store before buying a case for everyday consumption, but given what others are charging for these wines, at least you know you aren’t being ripped off.

I’ll drink to that!


A new kind of blog post – wine deals!

Friday, January 25th, 2008

I receive somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 emails/day from various online wine retailers. From to wine Library it is a wonder there is not a professional association for “Addicted wine buyers anonymous” (I would be the “President and also a member”!).

Given sufficient time I will try and go through the various offerings and see if there are any I believe to be standouts, and if there are i will post them. While all these emails advertise the HUGE discount these wines are being offered at versus their typical price, a little additional research reveals that more often than not, this discount represents the price drawing closer to the mean price for said wine. My simple method for determining which offers are in fact standouts involves visiting good old to see what the same wine is selling for at other online retailers. Hope this proves to be valuable to some of you…

Please feel free to drop me a quick note and let me know if you feel this as a valuable service, as that would provide further motivation for keeping up with said posts. I will try and start off with todays best deal shortly… STAY TUNED….

OK…went through a bunch of emails and there was one deal that seemed to stand out.  On you can pick up a Knights Valley Beringer 2000 Cab for $19.67.  BUY HERE.   Saw it selling elsewhere for $25 and being auctioned for starting bids of $20 or $25.  Not necessarily a “no brainer must buy”, but a nice Cali Cab under $20 from a reliable producer…

Have a great weekend.