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TV time

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

It happened today.  The TV that was a hand-me-down to me in either 1993 or 1994 has finally gone to TV heaven.  It had been ill for about 2 years requiring some tender loving to get going.  And about a month ago its condition seriously deteriorated and it showed signs of volume-less-ness.  I have kept it on life support since but it became apparent to me the past few days that it was time to pull the plug.

I began researching a replacement for old faithful TV and found one I thought I could be happy with.  It was more than a financially challenged wine industry GUY should be spending, but what the heck right, I’ll hagel and get a deal.

So while leaving a work appointment today I walked into an electronics store conveniently located right near my appointment.  I went in and found the potential replacement.  It was priced higher than a competitor had it priced and I told the salesperson.  He offered to match it and I told him he should match it plus offer a further discount.  Long story short, I got the TV and for about $80 less than the competitor.

I spent the evening setting it up.   But this is just the beginning.  Gone are the days when a TV is a TV.  It is now plasma, Lcd, DLP, or who knows what.  There are hertz to count, response times and endless features the TV makers are marketing.  But the real kicker is what else one needs to buy to enjoy their new TV.  First you must upgrade your cable box.  Then you have to buy the right cables.  Of course then comes the Blue Ray disc player for movies.  Don’t forget the cable for that.  And of course the speakers on these TV’s leave something to be desired so you must get a sound system to hook it up to.

I miss my old TV.

What, this isn’t my diary…I should be writing about wine???  OH YEAH…

I opened a 2000 Australian Grenache last night with dinner.  It was blended with some Shiraz & Monastrell (not a variety I am all too familiar with).  It was quite light.  It showed its age with a brick orange color.  Yet it still possessed huge fruit.  It reminded me a lot of a fruit forward new world Pinot Noir.  The artificial fruit thing gets to me.  But I enjoyed this one.  I think the age mellowed the fruit out a bit and the structure was quite nice.  I have a Spanish Garnacha (Grenache) in my fridge I now have to open next.  It is much younger – a 2005.  But it can be a fun drill.

Speaking of which, wine is about having fun with friends, family & loved ones.  Go out and get some wine & have fun with the special people in your life!

Happy Wine Tasting…while watching your new TV…