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Turkey day wines (yes, another one)

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Browsing the web one can find MANY articles & blog posts for suggestions for Turkey day wines.  I hate to be unoriginal, but how can I let this day meant for family & drinking (wine) pass without some kind of mention?  Based on this post, clearly I can’t.

But rather than suggest some good Reisling (try the Golan Sion Creek White which is a blend including Riesling), a hearty Pinot (The Yarden 2004 Pinot is big, fruity and quite robust – whatever that means), or an American (style) Zinfandel (the Dalton Zin is a great match for any meal) I want to take another approach (sans all the not-so-subtle suggestions).

I want to encourgae you to all DRINK A WINE YOU LIKE!

There are endless articles about pairing your turkey with Chardonnay or Viognier, and just as many that tell you that if your turkey has one kind of stuffing you need Syrah, another kind you should try Zin, etc.   I’ve also read suggestions for Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and so on…

YES, THEY ARE ALL RIGHT.  These are all GREAT choices.  But if you like your Turkey with gravy instead of cranberry sauce are you wrong?  What if you like it with ketchup (heaven forbid)?  Or mustard?  While some say this is sacrilege, it still isn’t wrong.

We are all different folks with our own unique different strokes (does that make any sense?).  Although the experts may recommend pairings that are said to work, and can make helpful suggestions for those who are looking for new wine ideas, the best wine is now and always a wine that YOU LIKE!

If you have any general or specific Turkey day wine questions feel free to comment below or reach me through the contact form on the blog.

Happy Turkey day Wine Tasting!